Project Description

A Visitor Management systems, simply reports who is entering and leaving a building. It records information on every guest and employee as to when they came in, who they saw and when they left.  When integrated into your security plan, it gives you a powerful tool that will keep your facility safe. Know who is in your facility and why.

Facilities everywhere currently use a paper guest log to sign in their visitors. The problem with this method is that it is not secure, can’t read people’s handwriting, it does not tell you who is actually in the building in case of an emergency, and it is not confidential.

Marketek Security Solution’s visitor management solution is more secure making it easy for visitors to register.The system will capture a signature, a picture of the visitor, check visitors against watch lists and sex offender lists, and allow you to print badges that are not easily forged. The system creates a searchable record that will allow you to retrieve information quickly.

This system is a perfect solution for the health care, education, office buildings with multiple tenants, and large business with several buildings on their campus. The system is customizable, and easily scalable.

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Why Use A Visitor Management System?

  • System can capture information accurately and automatically simply by scanning a driver’s license, passport or ID badge.
  • Keeps your visitor’s information confidential
  • System can be tied to the sex offender database
  • Can integrate with your access control system
  • Can send a mass notifications to all visitors in case of an emergency

Visitor Management Is Perfect For:

Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices

Schools And Universities

Office Buildings

Companies with multiple buildings

Day Care Facilities


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Visitor Management is not, and should not be a “cookie cutter” solution. One size does not fit all. Marketek can custom build a system that fits your company. Call us today to learn more about what visitor management can do for you and your facility.

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