Project Description

DVR systems in vehicles are pretty common place these days. Marketek Security Solutions now offers inexpensive upgrades to these existing systems. Marketek Security Solutions MDVR (Mobile DVR) systems can utilize existing analog systems’ cables with our High Definition cameras.

The mobile DVR systems provided by Marketek has the following features:

  • Supports High Definition Cameras
  • GPS
  • WIFI connection
  • Optional Fatigue Detector (NEW)
  • Optional monitor
  • 4 and 8 Camera inputs

On Board Recording and Alarm Inputs

The mobile DVR has on-board recording with live view or remote view over a cellular signal and automatic off-loading of new files over WIFI. The cameras can record continuously are be used with motion detection. If erratic driving is detected, the system bookmarks this as an alarm recording so you can easily find the clips.

The system has 8 sensor inputs and 4 serial inputs, which can be customized. These inputs can be used to detect when sensors have been engaged or disengaged, such as a Stop arm on a bus. When these alarms/sensors are activated, the information can be sent to a PC or a Smart phone for immediate notification. This allows you to analyze the data for efficiency, operational improvements and cost saving opportunities. It will also allow you to review drivers for excessive speeding, location and history of the vehicles which will lead to better performances of your drivers.

Mobile DVR - Front Side

The Mobile DVR is perfect for:

  • Police Vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles and ambulances
  • Trucks
  • School Buses
  • Metro Buses
  • Armord Trucks


Driver Management

Accident Identification

Asset Tracking

Motor and Tire Alerts

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  • Mobile Cameras
  • Mobile DVR Accessories

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