Project Description

GPS Trackers by Traxitek, will help you keep an eye on what is important to you. With a variety of different types of trackers, we have a tracker that fits your application.

Vehicle trackers can be hard wired or attached magnetically to the vehicle. Personal trackers can be carried in a pocke, on a lanyard. Personal trackers have an SOS button on them that allows users to send notifications in case of an emergency. We also carry personal trackers that can do two-way voice when the SOS button is pushed.

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers

Portable Alarm Transmitter (P.A.T.)

GPS Tracking Features

Product Overview

  • Live Tracking — Track single vehicles or entire fleet
  • Tracking History — Playback recorded tracking history
  • Fleet View — View entire fleet simultaneously
  • Street View — Show Google Street View during live tracking or playback
  • Live Traffic Display — Actively displays status of traffic conditions
  • Geofencing — Create zones to send alarms if tracker enters or leaves (your choice) the defined area
  • SOS Panic Button (On some models) — Immediately send notice of SOS to monitoring software and smart phones

Smartphone Apps

For iPhone and Android phones

App can do the following:

  • Satellite View
  • Find your tracker on the map
  • Show your tracker history
  • Change or view your settings
  • Set the tracker’s reporting interval
  • Create alert zones

GPS Trackers are Perfect For The Following

School Buses

Delivery Drivers

In Home Health Care Workers

Uber Drivers

Service Trucks and Fleets

Teen Drivers

Private Investigators


  • Bolt — Perfect to track cars, buses or trucks and large shipping containers
  • ATC Plus — A personal tracker ¬†with GPS and SOS button
  • Prime One — Personal tracker with GPS, 2-Way Voice and Bluetooth
  • P.A.T. — 2-way voice, no GPS
  • 911 Responder — GPS and GPRS (3G communications)

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