Project Description

CTV systems and their components are more affordable today than ever. The technology continues to improve which means today’s CCTV systems can record more data at higher resolutions for a lot less money. CCTV or Video Surveillance systems are the backbone of any technical security system.

Marketek Security Solutions has everything you need to have a complete CCTV system. All Marketek Security Solutions CCTV systems are custom configured to meet your specific needs.

CCTV Components

Recorders and Systems

Marketek provides a variety of systems to meet your needs and budget. All of these systems are designed to replace out dated analog systems.


TVI Systems — TVI (Transport Video Interface) are high definition cameras and recorders. The main advantage of these systems are they allow you to use your existing analog cabling  – if you are upgrading.  The other advantage TVI systems have is the distance you can run BNC Cabling.  We recommend TVI systems if you want to upgrade your existing CCTV analog system to a high definition system. We can use your existing system and replace your cameras and DVR with TVI system. This save you time and money on the installation.


IP NVR (Network Video Recorders) — These systems offer the highest resolution possible. The systems are connected using CAT5e cabling. They also do not need external power sources. Most of the systems we provide are P.O.E. (Power Over Ethernet) which allows both the video signal and the power to run with the same CAT5e ethernet cables. We recommend IP camera systems for new installs or applications that need superior imaging. 

High Definition Cameras

Marketek carries a variety of high definition cameras to fit your needs.

  • Analog — Need to replace a camera on your existing analog system? Marketek carries analog cameras in a bullet or dome. They are easy and inexpensive to replace.
  • IP Cameras — These high definition cameras are available in resolutions of 1.3MP (Megapixel), 2MP, and 3MP and 5MP.
  • TVI Cameras — High definition cameras that are great if you want to upgrade your existing analog CCTV system. They use your existing BNC cabling. These cameras only work with a TVI recorder, so if you are upgrading an analog system, you will need to update your recorder as well. The great thing about our TVI systems is that it will support TVI cameras as well as your existing analog cameras. So you only upgrade what you want and not an entire system.

Choose The System Right For You

AHD (Analog High Definition) CCTV Cameras and Systems

TVI  (Transport Video Interface) systems

IP (Network) video systems

  • NVR Recorders
  • TVI Recorders
  • Analog Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • TVI Cameras

Call Marketek today to discuss your needs and goals on CCTV Cameras and Systems to get a custom solution that will protect your facility.

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