Project Description

C-Watch is a field deployable surveillance system. A completely pre-engineered system that has up to 3 cameras can quickly be put up on at a temporary site. This allows you to have surveillance in places where you would not normally need long term security, such as a construction site.

Each C-Watch is structured so that everything is self contained. It does not need camera cabling, network cabling or a WIFI infrastructure to operate. The system can be remotely connected using WIFI, cellular signal or internet should you wish to view the system remotely.

Because everything is engineered to be self contained, should the system loose a network connection, the C-Watch will continue to record. All recordings are in a .avi format for easy viewing over any system or computer.

Using the remote software, you can view multiple C-Watch systems simultaneously, up to 750 cameras total. The C-Watch uses adaptive communications allowing it to function as a WIFI Access Point or use a router.  This allows the C-Watch to connect to a MESH network, 3G, 4G or WiMax Cellular Networks

Marketek’s C-Watch Is Perfect For The Following Applications

Police Departs Watching For Drug, Graffiti or other Illegal Activities

Detect and Document Illegal Dumping

Utility Companies Can View Surveillance Where Copper Is Being Stolen

Watch And Protect Parks And Public Venues

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