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Product Overview

Access control should be an integral part of any security plan and solution. Access control systems not only keep people who do not belong, out of specified areas, it also will keep a log of who entered and when.

When properly implemented, an access control system can be controlled from a central location, such as a guard station, or from specific desktop computer, but it can also be remotely controlled by individuals who have the correct credentials.

Marketek Security Solutions carries all necessary components of an access control system

Door Readers

Electric Strikes

Mag Locks

Strong Brands

Marketek Security Solutions also carries the programmable cards or key fobs necessary for gaining access. The cards can be blank or have information printed on them, such as company logo, employee picture, etc.

Excellent Results

Both large and small businesses rely on access control to manage their property. Call Marketek Security Solutions today to get a free consultation on your access control needs.

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