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Eric Hulsman

Eric worked for Securtex Digital in the late 90’s and has been in the industry since.  He has been a marketing manager, sales manager, warehouse manager, purchaser and project manager in the security industry and has worked on projects for small businesses, large businesses and large government installations.

Eric is married and has 3 kids, and is active in the Miamisburg, Ohio area.

Ted Humphrey

Ted founded Securtex Digital in 1985. It was one of the first companies that built digital surveillance systems instead of offering video tape.

He spent the late 90’s doing security consulting in the Middle East and currently co-owns SecurtexME in Dubai.In 2009 Humphrey traveled to Iraq as part of a team consulting with the Iraq Minister of Security. In 2004 Humphrey was invited to Pakistan to consult with Ejaz uHaq, son of former president of Pakistan & Prime Minster Zafarullah Jamali.

Tony Denier

Tony has worked for a major electronics distributor selling to National Accounts. Developed and maintained profitable relationship with Circuit City Stores resulting is sales more than 3 Million Dollars. Moved into software sales, providing customized solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

He joined one of the nation’s first manufacturers of CCTV Digital Video Recorders in the position of National Accounts Sales Manager. Developed dealer program and reseller distribution channels for Digital CCTV solutions.  He has worked with a national Freight Broker as a Sales Trainer to help new and seasoned sales brokers to improve sales, break into new segments and territories.

Tony is father to 4 boys.